Here you will find the different forms of therapeutic treatment that I offer.

A holistic and individual therapy concept

Praxis für Psychotherapie Susanne Berthold, Dresden Pieschen - Angebote und Leistungen

In my psychotherapy office, which is located on Mohnstrasse in Dresden-Pieschen, I primarily offer ambulant behavioral therapy. This psychotherapeutic method belongs, next to psychoanalysis or depth psychology, to the most common of methods. Concerning its effectiveness in treating mental disorders behavioral therapy has been successfully examined. The method is based on the insights of modern psychological research, in accordance with which it is being further developed.

The therapeutic process concerns understanding how an individual's current problems and symptoms have emerged and are sustained. Insight is to be won by understanding the biographical background and functional correlations in order to gain motivation and initiative for personal development and change. Connections between thoughts, emotions, behavior and past experiences are discovered and thus change is more easily achieved. Specific action and solution based steps are encouraged to initiate change, thus personal strengths and resources of the client/ patient are activated and used. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy, this approach combines views and methods of different therapy schools to a holistic and individual therapy concept.

Various psychological symptoms are treatable:

  • depressions, fears
  • posttraumatic stress disorders
  • psychosomatic complaints
  • personality and relationship disorders
  • eating disorders and addiction diseases
  • adjustment disorders
  • burnout

Forms of therapeutic treatment:

  • psychotherapeutic treatment of individuals
  • group treatment
  • crisis intervention
  • diagnostic one-on-one-conversations
  • conversations together with family members or other persons of reference
  • relaxation training

individual health services - services apart from the range of treatments paid for by statutory health insurance:

  • couple therapy
  • counseling
  • supervision
  • personal assistance in difficult situations
  • crisis management

For patients for whom it is important to include their Christian faith into the therapy, the therapeutic process can be adapted individually (Christian Psychotherapy). Even mentally handicapped patients with mental and social problems from the range of treatable diseases described above will be treated. If desired, the therapy can be held in English.